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Originally launched in Q1 of 2015, Anaren Atmosphere 1.1 updates include new BLE and embedded features, new developer tool features, and more.

Anaren, Inc.’s Wireless Connectivity Group announced today that its Anaren Integrated Radio (AIR) module team has introduced a range of 1.1 updates and improvements to its recently introduced Anaren Atmosphere online development platform. Launched in January 2015, Anaren Atmosphere uniquely provides embedded product manufacturers with tools to wirelessly connect their products to the Internet, making the IOT revolution accessible to its customers) via Bluetooth Smart equipped devices. Based on solicited user feedback, the 1.1 version of the platform further enhances user experience and functionality.

“Ever since we launched our AIR module family in 2010, our guiding principal has been to provide small- to mid-size companies with tools to empower them to wirelessly connect their designs to the Internet, leveraging the IoT without having either RF expertise or App Development skills,” said Mark Bowyer, Anaren’s Director of Wireless Business Development. “The January 2015 introduction of our Atmosphere platform was an important step in that effort. And now, only months later, these new 1.1 features continue that journey.”

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