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Smart Bluetooth Forum Discussions

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1)  Does your stack support Connection Signature Resolving Key (CSRK) data transfers?

<<< Yes.

2)  How does your stack produce the ³Mrand² and ³Srand² input values during pairing?

<<< Implemented in hardware.

3)  Does your stack support all 3 LE pairing models: Just Works, Out of Band, and Pass Key Entry?

<<< We support all 3.

4)  If your stack supports the Out of Band association model, please describe how the APIs retrieve and use the OOB information before pairing.

<<< Refer to hello_sensor.c from SDK 2.0.1. (#defines for PASSKEY_PAIRING and OOB_PAIRING)

5)  Does your stack support the LE privacy feature?

<<< Yes.

6)  What is the maximum and minimum encryption key length parameters for your LE stack used during pairing?

<<<  As of SDK 2.0.1, 16 bytes for both. If you need a ‘minimum’ we can provide an optional patch.

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