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Silicon Carbide

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Hi Guys, we are a small company based in Liverpool Uk and we have recently developed a new gas sensing device – OPTIX for vacuum processes. Its different to RGA’s in that we use a remote plasma light to spectrally sense gases present in a vacuum chamber.

One aspect that is driving its use is its tolerance of volatile chemical vapours, which are problem for standard RGA’s.

We have had very good feedback from a large SiC device maker. However, they won’t release any information from their processes for obvious reasons.

So we are looking for an opportunity to gather some test data and further our knowledge.

You can see some brief details at

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Hello erikjcox,

Thank you for posting on Infineon Community.

We understand that you require some additional information on SiC devices.

Could you let us know what type of additional information you are looking for?
Is it about SiC MOSFETs or Diodes?

If the information your require is not on our device product page, we suggest you contact your local sales office or FAE.
They will help you with your query once signed an NDA for any further information on processes.

Best regards,