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We are using the CY7C4122KV13/CY7C4142KV13 SRAM in our design, with the address parity logic enabled. For the same:
1) We need the switching characteristics and Switching Waveforms for Address Parity and Parity Error operations as they were not available in the product datasheet.

2) Also, I have a two part query I'll illustrated with an example. Suppose we initiated a transaction T0 and within the RL cycles of T0, we initiate two more transactions T1 and T2. After RL cycles, we receive a Parity Error for T0. Then:
a) if the parity error counter indicates there was only 1 error and after clearing the parity error, should all the transactions. i.e. T0, T1 and T2 need to be repeated or only the first transaction (T0).
b) related to this, if the parity error counter indicates there were 2 errors, does this imply that the first 2 consecutive transactions (T0 and T1) failed or can it be T0 and T2?

It would be ideal if a dedicated documentation for the address parity implementation is available. 


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