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SECORA™ Blockchain
Hello!Good day everyone!Dear community, please tell me which need KIT programmer +also software for working- programming with chips/microcontrollers I... Show More
SECORA™ Blockchain
Dose the SLS37 support AUTOSAR architecture?
SECORA™ Blockchain
Trying to identify if a certain RFID tag we have is within the Infineon SLE66 family. We dont have the invoice. One of the tags have UID E7:35:A5:9E a... Show More
SECORA™ Blockchain
Hey there! This is the community space for SECORA™ Blockchain security solutions, an easy way to build best-in-class security into your blockchain sys... Show More
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SECORA™ Blockchain

SECORA™ Blockchain is a fast, easy-to-use Java Card™ solution supporting best-in-class security for block chain system implementations. By providing a safe “vault” for user credentials, SECORA™ Blockchain can reduce the final user’s commercial risk and helps to increase trust in the block chain system.