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WICED SDK 5.2 Segmentation Fault Error


WICED SDK 5.2 Segmentation Fault Error

On WICED Studio 5.2.0, when download_apps is used, the make process may encounter a segmentation fault.

We have discovered that both of the following make entries create a segmentation fault under both Mac and Linux operating systems:

./make BCM943364WCD1 download_apps
./make BCM943364WCD1 download download_apps


"./tools/common/Linux64/mkdir" -p build/eclipse_debug/

"./tools/common/Linux64/cp" -f build/waf.bootloader-NoOS-BCM943364WCD1/binary/waf.bootloader-NoOS-BCM943364WCD1.elf build/eclipse_debug/last_bootloader.elf

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

make: *** [main_app] Error 139

What we've discovered is that the segmentation fault occurs when other processes are running concurrently with the following rule in


The fix for this issued is attached and should replace the in the following location: tools/makefiles/

Note: This issue has been resolved in SDK 6.0.0

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