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Quick Start with FMAC Driver on iMX6 UVELK and Murata 1DX

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Quick Start with FMAC Driver on iMX6 UVELK and Murata 1DX

This tutorial is intended as an introduction to adding the FMAC driver to your iMX6 UVELK running Freescale 4.1.15.x with Murata 1DX. This guide assumes that the 4.1.15 kernel is already booted up and running on your iMX6 UVELK board. From here, this tutorial is meant to guide on how to load in precompiled FMAC drivers onto your iMX6 UVELK board running 4.1.15 without recompiling the kernel. In another post, instructions will be provided on how to compile the driver for any kernel and how to port in the latest changes to the driver.

1. Download and transfer the attached tarball to your platform.

2. Untar and cd:

          $ tar xzvf brcmfmac_imx_minya_backport.tar.gz

          $ cd brcmfmac_imx

3. Run the setup script and choose your platform (only 43430 and 43455 currently supported):

          $ ./install.sh 43430

4. Reboot the device:

          $ reboot

5. Interrupt u-boot, pass the following commands at prompt:

          => setenv fdt_file imx6ul-14x14-evk-btwifi-fmac.dtb

          => saveenv

          => reset

6. After reboot, run the insmod script:

          $ cd brcmfmac_imx

          $ ./insmod_fmac.sh

7. At this point, the driver should be usable. A quick scan should yield all the AP’s around you:

          $ wl_fmac_imx scan

          $ wl_fmac_imx scanresults

Note on attachments:

brcmfmac_imx_minya_backport.tar.gz => most recent driver

brcmfmac_imx.tar.gz => older version from original posting

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Murata 1DX Module use CYW4343W , does it will work with the current FMAC driver too ?

You mention only 43430 and 43455 is currently supported , but then 1DX don't fit.

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Hi Klaus,

The 43430 FW will work on CYW4343W based devices.


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hi jact

Where is the support for 4339 ?

Where is the support package including patches for 4339 & 4343 ?

I am from NXP BSP team, we need to do kernel upgrade to kernel v4.14 and switch bcmdhd to FMAC driver, the information:

Since below platforms use bcm4339/bcm4343 wifi & bt for previous releases (kernel 3.14/4.1/4.9 ) with bcmdhd driver support:

imx6q/dl/qp sdb

imx6sx sdb

imx6sl/sll evk

imx6ul/ull evk

imx7d sdb

NOW We plan to switch bcmdhd driver to FMAC driver for all i.MX6x/7x platforms on kernel v4.14.

Do you have FMAC support on imx platform in the past ?  or supply us some information like:

  • Porting guide
  • Android O support status with FMAC
  • Firmware change comparing with bcmdhd driver ?
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You may want to also create a post here: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for Linux and Android​ as I'm not sure our AE team is monitoring questions posted against blogs/Help Articles.

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mifo, thanks!

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