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PSoC 6 MCU with FreeRTOS!

PSoC 6 MCU with FreeRTOS!

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PSoC 6 MCU with FreeRTOS!

FreeRTOS is a class of RTOS that is designed to be small enough to run on a microcontroller - although its use is not limited to microcontroller applications. It provides the core real time scheduling functionality, inter-task communication, timing and synchronization primitives only. This means it is more accurately described as a real time kernel, or real time executive. Additional functionality, such as a command console interface, or networking stacks, can then be included with add-on components.

Cypress’ PSoC 6 MCUs is supporting FreeRTOS and designers can develop PSoC 6 MCU systems for IoT applications.

See it in a PSoC 6 project here, FreeRTOS for PSoC 6 MCUs.

Also, check out code examples and articles based on FreeRTOS.

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