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New in AnyCloud (December)


New in AnyCloud (December)

New HTTP(S) Client Library and Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates

AnyCloud 1.3 adds the 202011.00 version of Amazon’s AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C with updated implementations of the HTTP Client and MQTT protocols. The AnyCloud OTA library has also been re-worked to support the new HTTP client as well as and MQTT-based image downloads.

New MQTT Library with Quality-of-Service 2 (QoS 2)

The AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C includes an update to the MQTT protocol, adding QoS2 support, which guarantees that a message is delivered once and once only.

Enhanced Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Coexistence (Smart CoEx)

Coexistence refers to the ability of Infineon combo devices to reliably and efficiently share the wireless bandwidth, enabling simultaneous Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy connections through a single antenna. Smart CoEx extends that feature with an API to control the combo device behavior at run-time, giving the developer unrivalled control over application performance.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE Manufacturing and Certification Tests

This is a set of applications, provided in source form, that enable manufacturing and certification tests to get your product to market quickly.

  • Sigma DUT - example program that enables Wi-Fi certification.
  • Coex tester - diagnostics command set for test.console, featuring iPerf and Bluetooth commands to control and optimize coex settings in a combo device.
  • WiFi_mfg_test – example program that enables Wi-Fi manufacturing tests via the WL Windows executable
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