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Just Released - ModusToolbox 2.2


Just Released - ModusToolbox 2.2

New in ModusToolbox 2.2

The 2.2 release of ModusToolbox adds support for shared libraries, GUI improvements to the Project Creator tool, enhanced access to on-chip analog routing, programmer/debugger updates and a new version of the GNU C Compiler.

Shared Library Management

We heard from our users that creating and updating projects was just a bit too time-consuming, so we have implemented a library sharing mechanism that lets projects share commonly used content without having to fetch all the source code from github every time. It really speeds up project creation and can make new libraries available to multiple projects in a single step. Check out the Library Manager User Guide to learn how our examples utilize the new flow and how you can optimize the time you spend setting up applications.

The changes to the tools are completely backward-compatible, of course, and the old flow remains fully supported. You can update ModusToolbox and continue working on your current projects and even create new ones (by cloning previous versions of the GitHub project) with no change to the user experience or functionality.

Project Creator GUI Update

Now that ModusToolbox supports multiple projects accessing a shared set of libraries, we added the ability to create multiple application projects in one step. Now you do not need to repeatedly pick the BSP, choose the application, enter the name and create the project. You just pick the BSP, once, then check and name every example you want to use.

Selecting Multiple Projects in Project Creator

Improved Routing Options for SAR ADC

The Device Configurator has been updated to increase the routing options to the SAR block. In addition to the SAR port pins you can now connect to other analog resources such as the OPAMPs and CTDAC. Whether you just need a controllable voltage source, a signal buffer, or are looking to build an on-chip amplifier, the Analog Routing Viewer/Editor gives you access to the famous PSoC flexibility and enables unparalleled design integration.

Analog Routing Viewer/Editor

Programming and Debugging Improvements

The KitProg3 firmware, used in the MiniProg programmer and on-board debugger chips (PSoC 5LP), has been updated (v2.10) to improve bulk endpoint handling, which increases the throughput of data across an I2C or SPI bridge. In addition, OpenOCD (v4.1) has been updated to pick up the latest fixes and improvements.

GNU Compiler Update

ModusToolbox now ships with v9.3.1 of the GNU compiler and all code examples and libraries have been validated to ensure they build and run with the new toolchain.

The IAR (v8) and Arm (v6) C Compilers remain fully supported.

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