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How to add new source PDOs in CY4521?

How to add new source PDOs in CY4521?

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How to add new source PDOs in CY4521?

CYPD2122 notebook firmware is default programming firmware of CY4521 and it is support 5V source PDO only. If you need CY4521 to evaluate additional PDOs higher than 5V, the process is below.

Hardware setup based on CY4521 board Rev.03 default setting.

OPEN J11 1-2; (GPIO for LED blink)

SHORT TP17 and TP20; (Equal to load R22); (VSEL1 for DC/DC feedback control)

SHORT TP18 and TP21; (Equal to load R23); (VSEL2 for DC/DC feedback control)

Firmware changes as below:

1) Add additional source PDOs 9V/5A, 15V/5A, and 20V/3A with Ez-PD configuration Utility. And then update config table in CYPD2122 firmware config.c file.


2) Update bootloader hex file in bootloadable components.

3) Open TopDesign.cysch, disable LED_PIN and I2C_CONFIG (Please notice only disble I2C config on application not on the I2C bootloader.). Add new output pins and named VSEL1 and VSEL2.

4) Open notebook.cydwr. add pin assignment of VSEL1 to P1[1] and VSEL2 to P1[2].


5) Comments out below lines to enable VSEL1 and VSEL2 function and voltage macro define (based on SDK v3.0.2).

a. @psource.h

- (line 86, col 1): // #ifdef PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC

- (line 95, col 1): // #endif /* PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC */

b. @psource.c

- (line 140, col 1): // #ifdef PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC

- (line 256, col 1): // #endif /*PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC*/

- (line 478, col 1): // #ifdef PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC   

- (line 481, col 1): // #endif /* PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC */   

- (line 505, col 1): // #ifdef PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC

- (line 509, col 1): // #endif /* PD_APP_POWER_ADAPTER_INC */

6) Rebuild firmware to generate hex file for CY4521.