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Debugging a CCGx bootloadable project using MiniProg3/MiniProg4

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Debugging a CCGx bootloadable project using MiniProg3/MiniProg4

The CCGx Host SDK and Power SDK contains a noboot project along with the main firmware project for each firmware example to allow debugging. This is done using the Debug option on PSoC Creator through a SWD debugger such as MiniProg3 or MiniProg4. However, we cant use debug mode for the main firmware project directly since it contains the bootloader that doesnt allow the debugging the application.

To debug the main firmware project with the bootloader, follow the steps below. The CCG3 (CYPD3125-40LQXIT) notebook project from the Host SDK is used as an example here.

1. Go to the Design Wide Resources file and assign the Debug Select to SWD. Make sure that the SWD pins for the device are not assigned to anything else and are free for debug.



2. Build and program the .hex file onto the device. You can use the Program option on PSoC Creator for programming it as well.

     If the device is not acquired, configure the port settings as shown below.



3. With the same setup connected, use the Attach to Running Target option to acquire the device.



4. Since the firmware is already running on the device, the debugger will access it from the point it was attached. The Reset option can be used to issue a Soft Reset to the device and bring the firmware execution to main() again.


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