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CYW20719 Memory Layout

CYW20719 Memory Layout

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CYW20719 Memory Layout

The memory layout for the CYW20719 is shown in Figure 1.

  • ROM
    • 2 Mbytes of ROM hosts the core firmware and various stack layers. The inclusion of core firmware, stack layers, and various libraries in the onboard ROM allow for most of the flash and RAM to be used for data and application code.
  • RAM
    • 512 Kbytes of RAM provide data storage and the ability to execute patch and application code.
  • OCF (On Chip Flash)
    • 1 Mbyte of flash provides storage for configuration data and application code. The OCF supports direct execution of application code.
  • AON (Always ON) Memory:
    • Stores Bluetooth states and connection related parameters when the device goes into its lowest power state.


Figure 1: Memory Layout of CYW20719


Typical Resource Utilization:

    The RAM requirement for application code space varies depending on the application use case and the profiles in use. For example, if the required profile stack is already part of ROM, then WICED uses it from ROM automatically.

The following table provides an approximate ballpark guidance on the available memory with a few of sample applications provided in WICED Studio.


Free RAM


~240 KB


~200 KB


~207 KB


~244 KB


~167 KB


(Freetronic 128x128 OLED Module)

~206 KB

Table 1: Typical RAM Utilization by various applications

Note: Typical MIPS utilization with the Headset sample application is 50% @48MHz.

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Could you share some more detailed information regarding memory map like: registers address for GPIOs, (values/configs)?

WICED6.2.1 has bug and a very basic operation to configure GPIO as output fails https://community.cypress.com/thread/47164 , now WICED6.4.0 is even more buggy , so working direct with registers could solve those problems?