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Audio Sensor Node


Audio Sensor Node

This project was submitted by @Bastiaan Lee in The Infineon Great PSoC 6 Design Challenge with Mouser and and was one of the winners!

Audio Sensor Node.jpg

Project Technology Focuses

  • PSoC 6 MCU
  • Audio/Sound Processing
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Project Requirements  


Project Description

This project consists of implementation a very robust audio processing program on PSoC 6 – taking advantage of its peripherals as well as enablement in ModusToolbox to make an IoT Audio Sensor node application. The program records audio samples with the PDM microphone on the PSoC 6 WiFi-BT Prototyping Kit, converts that to PCM data which then going through a Fast Fourier Transform with HANN windowing, to be able to split the audio data into octaves. Based on A/C/Z weighting, the audio data is then further calculated into data that represents what our ears do actually hear. This audio data is transmitted via Wi-Fi and graphed on a series of easy-to-use dashboard as well.

p6 audio.PNG


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