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RF Transistors

Looking to design a low noise amplifier. Be it in sub GHz frequencies or higher frequencies up to 12 GHz. We have got you covered ! Infineon Technologies offers one of the widest portfolio of radio frequency transistors which offer exceptionally low NF, high gain, and high linearity at low power consumption levels. The transistors could be used in automotive applications (car antenna) , GNSS, Wireless infrastructure , mobile communication infrastructure , consumer appliances such as LCD TV, set-top boxes, industrial electronics such as automation, lighting , and the list goes on. Along with providing a wide portfolio, our products offer outstanding quality and reliability , assuring long term supply while still having an attractive price.

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Antenna tuners

With the fast adoption of 5G technology, more antennas need to cover even more frequency bands within limited space. This can potentially affect antenna performance and result in higher design complexity. Antenna tuners help address these challenges to ensure fast and stable wireless connection everywhere. Infineon antenna tuners can be found in a variety of applications, such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, mobile routers, smart metering or asset tracking devices. In this forum, you can post your questions about Infineon antenna tuners and the coupler to find support from the community for your next project.

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Low Noise Amplifiers

A low noise amplifier (LNA) amplifies a very low-power signal without significantly degrading its signal-to-noise ratio. When regular amplifiers amplify signals, additional noise is often introduced to the system. However, by using an electronic LNA, this noise can be significantly reduced. Infineon’s range of low noise amplifier ICs improve receiver sensitivity and thereby achieve the ultimate user experience. Our portfolio of MMIC RF LNAs is continuously updated to satisfy the ever-changing market requirements with custom made products for each application. Highly integrated in the smallest package, our LNA MMICs come with ESD protection and low power consumption, ideal for battery-operated mobile devices. What's more, our innovative SiGe technology delivers lower noise than silicon alternatives and performance comparable to more expensive GaAs counterparts.

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RF Switches

These microelectronic components may be applied for antenna and frequency band selection to optimize an RF system in size, cost and performance. Infineon has a broad range of RF switch configurations and performance capabilities in terms of insertion loss, isolation, switching speed and power handling. Our CMOS RF switches are offered in very compact and robust packages ready to surface mount on PCBs.

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Low Noise Amplifiers
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RF Switches
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RF Transistors
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RF Transistors

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Antenna tuners
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RF Transistors

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RF Transistors
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RF Transistors
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RF Switches
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