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Radar sensor
Dear Customer, we are happy to announce you the launch of our next generation of XENSIV™ Radar 24GHz DEMO kits with Sense2GoL Pulse and Distance2GoL. ... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi, I am using a DEMO BGT60TR13C with #MCU7 Baseboard and the Python3 ifxAvian package and am trying to understand the raw data coming from the sensor... Show More
Radar sensor
Step 6 of getting started with the Distance2GoL board involves an optional firmware update. I am wondering what the purpose of this fimware update is/... Show More
Radar sensor
@Siddharth , Hi,  Thanks for the last reply here https://community.infineon.com/t5/Radar-sensor/BGT60TR13C-data-to-csv-file/m-p/484400#M2822 .  By thi... Show More
Radar sensor
Please tell me about the influence of AC fluctuation of the power supply to VCC of BGT24LTR11N16 on the oscillation frequency.The phenomenon I observe... Show More
Radar sensor
solved msg Solved
Hello, I would like to ask for advice: I inserted the radar into the computer and ran the official demo (Python code). This radar transmits the raw da... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi, I want to implement the BGT60TR13C sensor in a design, using an XMC. I was wondering if  there are any example projects for configuring the SPI re... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi. Sorry for my poor English as I am not an English speaker. I'm using XENSIV Connected Sensor Kit, BGT60TR13C Radar + DPS368 Pressure Sensor. I want... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello, everyone:  I am conducting research on the gesture recognition of millimeter wave radar, but there are few reference codes for the radar BGT60T... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi, I would like to know whether it is possible to use less than 50MHz for the SPI clock speed on the DEMO BGT60TR13C. The datasheet (BGT60TR13C E6327... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi everyone, I'm currently working with a setup that involves three DEMODISTANCE2GOL radars positioned in an equilateral triangle configuration, all p... Show More
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Radar sensor

In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback about Infineon's XENSIV™ radar sensors. Designed to support a wide range of industrial, consumer and automotive applications, Infineon’s millimeter wave (mmWave) radar portfolio offers both FMCW and Doppler radar sensors supporting 24GHz, 60GHz, 77/79GHz. Here you can also find the links to the latest board pages, GitHub, documents, tools and FAQs.