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Radar sensor
Dear Customer, we are happy to announce you the launch of our next generation of XENSIV™ Radar 24GHz DEMO kits with Sense2GoL Pulse and Distance2GoL. ... Show More
Radar sensor
recently, i bought one device of BGT60TR13C. i prefer do some breathing & heart rate research by using this mmwave device. does this device can provic... Show More
Radar sensor
I am trying to develop a firmware which can send target information such as distance, speed and angle to USB using VCP. However, I still do not unders... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello all, I need the precision of the local oscillator on the BGT60TR13C radar shield. Knowing the precision of the external 80 MHz quartz (+-50ppm),... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi, everyone, Now I'm trying to simulate BGT60TR13C using EM simulator. For this, complex antenna radiation pattern is necessary , but only amplitude ... Show More
Radar sensor
For a inline measurement system, I need to measure the position of a target on the line (measured from the side of the line). The distance from the se... Show More
Radar sensor
Hello,  I’ve been looking at the documentation surrounding the BGT24LTR11 for use as a doppler  speed sensor.  in the product application literature i... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi,Please let me know the theoretical angular resolution of the BGT60TR13C?I think that it is depended on the distance between the Rx ANT. Is it corre... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi everyone In the block diagram, 3.3V from the MCU's PWM1 or LDO is always applied to VCC_PTAT.At this time, about 1.5mA is flowing in VCC_PTAT. End ... Show More
Radar sensor
Dear sir  I have a questions description below I follow Infineon-D2G_Application_Note_AN543_v1.5-ApplicationNotes-v01_05-EN.pdf  TX path simulation th... Show More
Radar sensor
Hi everyone, I have a hypothetical situation: there are two objects in the same state (range & velocity), but they are different in angle. Configurati... Show More
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Radar sensor

In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback about Infineon radar sensors. As market leader in radar chips, we offer a wide portfolio of mmWave radar sensors as part of our XENSIV™ sensor family – including Doppler radar as well as FMCW radar systems. This portfolio includes the smallest 24 GHz MMIC in the market as well as the largest and most integrated 24 GHz radar transceiver family currently available. Those radar chips are designed to support different industrial, home and consumer applications. In addition, we also have radar sensors in the 60 GHz range, which are used in consumer products such as the Google Pixel 4 smartphone. Some of the radars have a state machine that enables the operation of the device autonomously, i.e., without an external microcontroller or further signal processing. Here you can also find the links to the latest board pages, GitHub, documents, tools and FAQs.