Release Announcement: Radar Development Kit 3.5.1 available for download


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We are excited to announce the release of Radar Development Kit 3.5.1, which is now available for download from the Infineon Developer Center.

 This release introduces a range of new features, improvements, and fixes, and includes the following components:

  • Radar SDK v3.5.0
  • Radar Fusion GUI v3.5.4
  • ifxdaq v4.0.0
  • RBB Firmware v2.6.0

Please see below for details on the new features and changes in this release.

New Features:


Radar SDK v3.5.0

  • General API for Controlling FMCW Radar Devices
    Radar SDK 3.5 introduces a new and versatile general API for controlling FMCW radar devices. The API can accommodate all FMCW-based radar sensors, and it includes a new configuration structure that supports multiple chirp configurations within a single frame.
  • Revised Continuous Wave API
    The Continuous Wave API has been revised and is now structured similarly to the FMCW API. To create a Continuous Wave instance, it is no longer necessary to create a device instance and pass it as a parameter. The function call of ifx_cw_create returns a Continuous Wave instance, and the configurations for the ADC and baseband have also been restructured. The previous configuration (ifx_Avian_Config_t) no longer exists.

Radar Fusion GUI v3.5.4

  • Support for BGT60UTR11AIP FMCW 60GHz Sensor
    Radar Fusion GUI now supports the BGT66UTR11AIP FMCW 60GHz sensor. This includes sensor configuration, raw ADC data acquisition, and presence sensing application.
  • Expert Mode
    An Expert Mode has been introduced for 60GHz FMCW sensors in the Radar Fusion GUI. This mode includes a Timing Model view for the given frame configuration, multiple chirp configurations within a frame, a Difference Deviation plot designed to characterize inter-chirp performance, and a power consumption value display at the status bar for Avian sensors.
  • Dummy Sensor Support
    Dummy sensor support is now available for compatible sensors. Users can experiment with sensor configurations and import/export these configurations to the register file, and visualization of timing and power modes for configured chirps.
  • Recording of Raw ADC Data
    The recording of raw ADC data format now standardizes to the ifxdaq recording format for FMCW 60GHz Sensors. Raw data is stored in standard .npy format, and meta-data and sensor configs are stored in a separate JSON format. The GUI offers playback of legacy recordings, but any recording from the GUI will be in the new format. A converter in the Recording menu is available to convert legacy recordings to the new format.
  • Register Export and Import
    Register export and import options have been included for FMCW devices.
  • Presence Sensing App Upgrade
    The presence sensing app has undergone an upgrade with a more robust algorithm. New additions include a separate visualization dedicated to presence sensing, and display of the range of strongest targets alongside presence information.
  • Range Spectrogram and Doppler Spectrogram Plots
    New range spectrogram and Doppler spectrogram plots have been added.
  • Clipping Detection
    A display indicating clipping detection has been integrated into the status bar. This alert will trigger if the ADC time domain signal exceeds the limits of [-1, +1].
  • The convention for displaying approaching targets on the positive side of the velocity axis of the range Doppler map has been aligned.
  • The range and angle measurement algorithm has been enhanced to achieve detection ranges of over 10 meters.
  • Simultaneous visualization of multiple Rx antennas has been added to the Range Doppler Map plot.
  • Fix the import of registers in a dummy device mode (reported in v3.5.3)
  • Fix the allowed RF frequency range for supported FMCW sensors (reported in v3.5.3)

Thank you for choosing Radar Development Kit!

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