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Dear all:

I have a radar evaluation board 24GHz Radar Development Kit Based on Infineon’s RF-Transceiver BGT24MTR12 and Microcontroller XMC4400.
As far as I know, BGT24MTR12 is a FMCW radar chip. Why can't I get range/distance information when I analyze the data provided by the RFBeam USB Auido software? The software can only provide velocity information
. Therefore, I guess the transmitting is fixed frequency not FMCW signal.
Besides, As shown in 24GHz-Radar-Development-Kit-Users-Guide, "Upgrading to FMCW capability for range/distance measurements can also be updated from the Infineon website link.". How can I get the code?
Could you share the code with me?
Email: zhangzhenyuan163@163.com

Thank you very much !
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Hello Arron,

SW for BGT24-RFB2412 Board is currently under development. The board by default only comes with a Doppler algorithm. Thus velocity information is the only possible output. FMCW and FSK algorithm will be provided in near future. So please stay tuned. With this algorithm it will be possible to extract range/distance information.

Best regards,
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Dear finketho:
Thank you for your reply. I have an another question. Where can I learn more about BGT24MTR12 including the register description? Now I can only get the data sheet, "BGT24MTR12
Silicon Germanium 24 GHz Transceiver MMIC", but it does not provide any information about register. So, I can't use the chip.

Thank you very much!

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Dear Arron,
I'm a beginner on this board. I look forward to hearing from you via email "tqthangdq@gmail.com" to better understand this issue. Thank you.