Position2Go - C Communication library on Ubuntu


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Hi everyone,

I am working with the demo board Position2Go. I have successfully used the C Communication Library provided by Infineon on my Windows machine to stream the data from the board to my PC.
Now I am trying to make it work on my Ubuntu 16.04 machine, however, I have encountered some difficulties. When I run the script 'extract_raw_data.c' (without compile errors) it looks like my machine is unable to open the device for communication.
In particular, the function 'open()' used in the file COMPort_Unix.c returns -1. In the same file, the variable 'port_name' contains the correct location and name of the device: "/dev/serial/by-id/usb-Infineon_IFX_CDC-if00".
I would like to add that I have not installed any Infineon related software or driver on my Ubuntu machine.
Has anyone encountered a similar problem? What advice can you give? Any help is appreciated. I can provide additional details if necessary.

Thank you very much in advance.
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