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im using the python wrapper to code some own applications. Can you tell me the limits of the configurations?
And can you send me me an expample code how du configure a FMCW scan, using 1 Tx and 2 Rx?

Thanks a lot.
Best regards.


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Hello @NBRadar,

Configuration for BGT60TR13C:

  • rx_mask[value: 7]
  • tx_mask[value: 1]
  • tx_power_level [required]: The value determines the power of the emitted signal. Higher values correspond to higher power settings. The values do not directly correspond to a physical quantity. Allowed values are [0-31].
  • if_gain_db [required]: Amplification factor in decibel that is applied to the IF signal coming from the RF mixer before it is fed into the analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Allowed values are [18-31].
  • range_resolution_m [required, value: 0.3m]: That means the ability to resolve two objects with similar distance to the radar. The value is given in units of meters. The frequency difference of two adjacent bins in the range transform corresponds to range_resolution_m. 
  • max_range_m [required, value: 9.6m]: Maximum distance to the radar that can be detected in units of meters. The bins of the range transform correspond to range values between 0 and 9.6m.
  • sample_rate_Hz [optional, default: 1MHz]: Sample rate of the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in Hz.
  • center_frequency_Hz [optional, default: 60.5e9]: Center frequency of the chirp in Hz. The center frequency is defined as the mid of the start frequency and the end frequency of the chirp. 
  • max_speed_m_s [required, value: 2.4]: Maximum measurable radial velocity of a target from the radar sensor in units of meters per second.
  • speed_resolution_m_s [required, value: 0.0765]: Desired speed resolution that one wants to achieve with micro-Doppler measurement. That means what velocity difference one can detect for two targets at the same distance from the radar. The value is in units of meters per second. The frequency difference of two adjacent bins of the Doppler transform correspond to speed_resolution_m_s.
  • frame_repetition_time_s [required, value: 0.1]: Time between two consecutive frames in seconds and the inverse of the frame rate.

Can you please brief me, what do you mean by FMCW scan?

Best Regards,




Hi @NarraPugitha ,

Thank you for the answer. I mean with a FMCW scan to send a Frequency-Modulatedn Continous Wave with the Tx antenna and receive the answer of the signal with the Rx antenna. After the mixing and the analog to digital converting of the received signal, i want to analyse the digital data from the ADC to get some information about the enviroment around the Rx and Tx antenna. Therefore it would be intresting what happens, if i change the configuration of the radar sensor.
But therefore i need some more informations about the limits of each configuration points. For example  i do not know what is the highest and lowest possible value for the sample_rate_Hz config. Or how many samples are possible per chirp. Can i callculate the Slope of the chirp with this two values, or are there some more added time in the chirp signal?
I hope you can help me.

Best Regards

Norbert Brinz