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I am having trouble uploading the firmware for my BGT60TR13C with attached demo board

When it arrived and I plugged it into my pc a green blinking LED was on, I then tried to flash the firmware in "Radar Fusion GUI" and since then the green LED has stopped blinking and the flash failed

The PC recognizes something is plugged in because of the noise it makes when i connect the board via USB, however trying to use the "RDK-TOOLS UpdateFirmware" tool the error EXIT 0 (or sometimes 4): Cannot Find Device

I want to try to reset it by conecting the 3.3v pin to the Erase pin, but I'm unsure how to connect them

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great


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Hello @Taylor70 ,

Before flashing firmware please make sure to install the latest versions of RDK Package and Radar Fusion GUI. As the mismatch in the firmware version may also cause these type of errors.

For installation guide please refer to the application note AN599-Radar Baseboard MCU7, refer to the firmware section for all the steps to connect, flashing firmware and possible errors and how to rectify them. For flashing via bootloader flow the steps shared below.


For RGB LEDs blinking status and their corresponding meaning please refer to the table below


Hope this helps

Best Regards,