recommendation for transistor for buffer

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I'm not very experienced with RF frequencies. Need to design a single-transistor buffer. Input signal will be from an oscillator (NOT a 50 Ohm device - impedance not precisely known but assumed high), frequency will vary from a few MHz to ~1-2 GHz. Precise oscillator amplitude currently unknown but likely ~40mV to ~1V. Buffer output will route to a 50 Ohm measurement device. VCC likely small, either ~1.5V or ~3V. I was thinking of using the BFR340F. If anyone with experience can comment on this choice, or perhaps suggest something better, I would appreciate it. I am assuming that if I lay out a standard emitter-follower type circuit it will be a reasonable choice (input signal routes to base via capacitor to AC couple; voltage divider placeholder(s) to set DC voltage at base; optional resistor from VCC to collector; optional capacitor to ground from collector; resistor from emitter to ground, output through a capacitor from emitter).


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