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RF Transistors
Hi, I am component engineer working with Honeywell Aerospace. Can you please help to share the P1dB Compression Point (dBm) for MPN BF771E6327HTSA1. h... Show More
RF Transistors
Hello, Looking to design a broadband (100MHz to 6GHz) RF front and need an LNA. Generally use High Band only from 2.2GHz to 5.0GHz. General targets: ... Show More
RF Transistors
Hi I want to build a simple custom receiver (60 - 120 MHz). I want to use a simple transistor as an amplifier for the RF (It is placed after a band pa... Show More
RF Transistors
solved msg Solved
I need the the information about price, tehcnical document and also ı need technical support for the product named Bgs110mn20. Show More
RF Transistors
Hi, Am looking alternate for BLP8G27-10G, wanted to know if Infineon can support closest alternate part. Functional identical part. Regards, Prapulla Show More
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RF Transistors

Looking to design a low noise amplifier. Be it in sub GHz frequencies or higher frequencies up to 12 GHz. We have got you covered ! Infineon Technologies offers one of the widest portfolio of radio frequency transistors which offer exceptionally low NF, high gain, and high linearity at low power consumption levels. The transistors could be used in automotive applications (car antenna) , GNSS, Wireless infrastructure , mobile communication infrastructure , consumer appliances such as LCD TV, set-top boxes, industrial electronics such as automation, lighting , and the list goes on. Along with providing a wide portfolio, our products offer outstanding quality and reliability , assuring long term supply while still having an attractive price.