Nonlinear model for BAR90-02ELS diode

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Hi All,

I am trying to figure out the nonlinear model for the BAR90-02ELS diode. The H-Spice works fine for forward bias but not for reverse bias. Anyone has the parameters to make a Caverly model that works for the reverse bias as well. I am trying to simulate it in AWR and these are the parameters I would need. 

Thank you

Is (Reverse Saturation Current)
IKnee (Knee parameter for the current dependent tau)
N (Ideality factor)
RLIM (minimum series resistance)
REPI (Epi leakage resistance)
CJ (Reverse Capacitance)
CPKG (Package Capacitance)
Tau (Storage time)
W (I region width in micrometers)
B (ratio of electron to hole mobility)
LBOND (bond wire inductance)

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