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WICED-Studio 6.4.0 Installer (Windows)

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Click here for a High performance download of the WICED-Studio 6.4.0 Installer (Windows) through Akamai

Note 1: The config.eml file needed for the installation process (must reside in same physical folder as installer during install process) is included as an attachment at the bottom of this page. The config.eml file was not included in the same .zip file as the installer (as done with previous SDK releases).

Note 2:

There is a known installer issue which occurs when white space is included in the path to the temp folder.

To overcome this issue, do the following:

  • Create a folder: c:\temp
  • Open Windows Control Panel->System -> Advanced System Setting -> Environment Variables
  • Edit TEMP and TMP path to use c:\temp

README for WICED Community Page


Important: For all WICED Studio MFi versions, please place the config.eml file provided here within the zip file download inside of the same folder where the associated installer binary is located, then install.

Windows Install:


- Download "WIN_MFI_WICED-Studio-X.X.X.XX-Installer.zip"

- Extract the installer exe and config.eml file from the zip file to temp folder on your computer; do not execute the installer from the zip file (see screen shot below, WIDOWS_MFI.png)

- Double click the installer exe to install WICED Studio

- After installation in completed, launch WICED Studio IDE from shortcut on desktop


1. Java version 9.x or higher is not supported by WICED SDK.

2. WICED Studio installation requires at least 5GB free disk space.

Windows Uninstall:


- Uninstall "WICED Studio" from Control Panel -> Programs and Features OR (in Win 10)

Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> Apps & features -> WICED-Studio -> Uninstall

- To clean up all WICED components manually, delete files and folders for the IDE and SDK, typically in "C:\Users\<name>\Documents\WICED" and "C:\Users\<name>\AppData\Local\WICED"

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Just an update:

The link mentioned above for WICED-Studio 6.4.0 Installer is not valid anymore.

Please use the latest link available, for version 6.6 instead:

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My understanding is that only 6.4 support the CY8KIT-062 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit.  Thus, without 6.4  being available, my new development board is of no use, short of using ModusToolbox.