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Click here for a High performance download of the WICED-Studio 6.4.0 Installer (OSX) through Akamai

Note: The config.eml file needed for the installation process (must reside in same physical folder as installer during install process) is included as an attachment at the bottom of this page. The config.eml file was not included in the same .zip file as the installer (as done with previous SDK releases).

README for WICED Community Page


Important: For all WICED Studio MFi versions, please place the config.eml file provided

here within the zip file download inside of the same folder where the associated installer

binary is located, then install.

OSX Install:


- Download the

- Double click the zip file and extract all contents from the installer to a local folder;

  the unzipped contents should appear as shown in the screen shot below (OSX_MFI.png)

- Move the contents of the folder to another folder using ëFinderí, for example

  /Users/<name>/Documents/installer ; Do not move the files using ëTerminalí

- Run the command below using Terminal window:

  > xattr -r -d <path>/

  Note that the above two steps are needed as a workaround for a known OSX 10.12 install

  issue called "App Translocation"

- See "Additional Installation Notes" below before install.

- Double click the "WICED-Studio-X.X.X.X-IDE-Installer" app to execute the installer

- After the installation in complete, launch the WICED Studio IDE from shortcut in the

  $HOME/Cypress $HOME/WICED/WICED-Studio-X folder


1. Java version 9.x or higher is not supported by WICED SDK.

2. WICED Studio installation requires at least 5GB free disk space.

OSX Uninstall:


- From Finder, navigate to User > <name> -> Applications  -> Cypress and launch 'Uninstall'

- To clean up all WICED components manually, delete files and folders for the IDE and SDK,

  typically in User -> <name> -> WICED/WICED-Studio-X and User -> <name> -> Documents ->

  WICED/WICED-Studio-X  or from terminal $HOME/Cypress/WICED*, $HOME/WICED/WICED-Studio-X

  and $HOME/Documents/WICED/WICED-Studio-X

Additional Installation Notes:


1. Open xterm, run the "java -version" command.  If it fails to return any results or states

   that you are running version 1.6, then you need to install the Java SE Development Kit 8,

   which can be found here:

   Once the Java SE Development Kit 8 is installed, run the "java -version" command again with

   xterm.  If this command returns "1.6", then you will need to fix the symbolic link using

   the following commands:

   > rm -f /usr/bin/java

   > ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/java /usr/bin/java

2. Application downloads on WICED platforms may fail on certain OSX versions due to an

   incompatibility between the OSX version and the installed driver for the FTDI USB

   to serial chip. On OSX versions 10.10 and earlier, a specific version of the

   FTDI driver must be installed using the instructions available here:

   On OS X versions 10.11 and greater, the Apple version of the FTDI driver must be used,

   and any previous instance of the FTDI version of the driver must be removed from the

   system, by executing the following command in xterm:

   > sudo rm -rf /Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext /System/Library/Extensions/FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext

   Reboot the system after performing the rm command

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