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WICED-Studio-6.2.1 (Linux 64-bit)

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Click here for a High performance download of the WICED-Studio-6.2.1 (Linux 64-bit) through Akamai

Release Notes: WICED Studio 6.2

Release Notes: WICED Studio 6.2.1

Linux Install:

  • Installer has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and Fedora 23
  • Download the attached .zip file
  • Extract the installer .bin and config.eml file from the zip file to temp folder on your computer (for example /home/user1/wiced_install); do not execute the installer from the zip file
  • Apply execute permissions to the installer and execute from terminal command line as below:
    • [user1]$ pwd
    • /home/user1/wiced_install
    • [user1]$ ls
    • config.eml  WICED-Studio-X.X.X.X-IDE-Installer.bin
    • [user1]$ chmod +x ./WICED-Studio-X.X.X.X-IDE-Installer.bin
    • [user1]$ ./WICED-Studio-X.X.X.X-IDE-Installer.bin
  • During install, the installer will ask for sudo permissions to install the WICED drivers; please enter the sudo password
    •   Note: On some Linux installations, you may also need to enter the sudo password on the terminal console where the installer was executed
  • After installation is complete, launch the WICED Studio IDE from shortcut located in $HOME/Cypress folder

Linux Uninstall:

  • At the terminal prompt, > cd $HOME/Cypress
    • Run script >./uninstall
  • To clean up all WICED components manually, delete files and folders for the IDE and SDK, typically found in $HOME/Cypress/WICED*, $HOME/WICED/WICED-Studio-X and $HOME/Documents/WICED/WICED-Studio-X

Additional installation notes for Linux:


Note that an additional step is required when connecting a WICED development board to a computer running Linux. On common Linux distributions, the serial UART ports (usually /dev/ttySx or /dev/ttyUSBx devices) belongs to the root user and to the dialout group. Standard users are not allowed to access these devices.

An easy way to allow the current user access to the Linux machine's serial ports is by adding the user to the dialout group.

This can be done using the following command: $sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER

Note also that for this command to take effect, the user must log out and then log back in.


If the following error is encountered during the installation process: “Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported”, you will need to run the following command in order to update Java to version 1.8: “sudo dnf install java”


If Linux OS version is older than mentioned above, you might see this issue below when compiling applications -

     gnu/libstdc++.so.6: version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found

In this case, newer version of libstdc is needed. You might need to upgrade your Linux OS or try -

> sudo apt-get install libstdc++6

Click here for a High performance download of the WICED-Studio-6.2.1 (Linux 64-bit) through Akamai

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