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Quick Start Guide - WICED Smart™ Development System (SDK 2.X and TAG4 Board) (2 MB)

Note: Because SPI_1 (External Flash) and I2C (Bus used by sensors) share several of the same pins, you cannot boot from SPI Flash and use the sensors onboard the BCM92073X_LE_TAG4 kit (the kit will come up, but the sensors will not respond). To use the sensors, please boot from the onboard EEPROM instead.

Update: Tag 4 Quick Hardware Setup:
1. The default switch settings for USB power, booting from EEPROM are as follows:
A. SW6 – 2,4 ON, rest OFF
B. SW9 – all ON
C. SW8 – 1,3,5 ON, rest OFF
D. SW4 – VUSBs

2. Additionally, during thje initial/first download, the TAG4 board requires a recovery procedure to occur:

A. Press-hold BOOT, press-release RESET, release BOOT             
B. Edit any make target: replace “download” with “recover UART=COMxx”

C. Use make target. Replace ‘xx’ with your COM port (found in Device Manager)
D. Double click make target to execute build

NOTE 1: After the initial recovery, a standard download process can be used.

NOTE 2: SW8 = 1,3,5 OFF, the remainder are ON when downloading to SFLASH


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