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Profile or FeatureFeature description20706A220719B120735B1Remarks
BT (BR/EDR)Classic BT with Enhanced Data RateYesYesBR Only
BLEBluetooth Low EnergyYesYesYes
BLE GATT ClientHello Client sample app shows an implementation of a BLE vendor specific GATT client profile.YesYesYes
BLE GATT ServerHello Sensor sample app shows implementation of a BLE vendor specific GATT device and  service.YesYesYes
iBeaconSample app demonstrates implementation of the Apple iBeacon specification.NoYesYes
EddystoneSample app demonstrates implementation of the Google Eddystone beacon specification.NoYesYes
BLE MeshVersion 1.0. Sample apps included for power on/off, level, battery, light control, transition location, property, time, scene, scheduler, provision, and sensor (client & server).YesYesNonew in 6.1
Over the air Firmware UpgradeSample demonstrates how to implement over the air FW upgrade over BLE.YesYesYes
Secure OTASample demonstrates how to implement secure over the air FW upgrade over BLE.YesYesYesnew in 6.1
BLE Serial Over GATTCypress proprietary service to send data over GATT service.YesYesYes
GATT DBSample application to configure GATT datatbase over WICED HCI.YesYesYesnew in 6.1
BLE Wi-Fi IntroducerSample app shows an example interfacing the BLE and WiFi components on a combo chip.N/AN/AN/A
ANP/ANSSample apps for Alert Notification profile (ANC: Client and ANS: Service)YesYesYes
BASSample apps for Battery Service profile (BAS - Service, BAC - Client).YesYesYes
HRP/HRSSample apps for Heart Rate profile (HRC - Client, HRS - Server)YesYesYes
Proximity ReporterSample application for Proximity Reporter that implements the Link Loss, Immediate Alert and TX Power Services.NoNoYes
Apple (BLE/GATT)
Apple HomeKitApple HomeKit version RC8. Sample apps for Light bulb and Lock. (See remarks)YesYesNoApple MFi licensees only
Homekit/Mesh combo appApple Homekit and BLE Mesh combo app for light bulb.NoYesNo
Apple iAP2Sample app show how to send data to an iOS device using  Apple's External Accessory iAP2 protocol. (See remarks)YesYesNoApple MFi licensees only
Apple AMSApple Media Service (Receive media information such track name, track number, etc from iOS device). Included in Watch app.YesYesYes
Apple ANCSApple Notification Center Service (Receive notifications such as incoming call, caller ID, SMS, etc. from iOS device). Included in Watch app.YesYesYes
BT Audio
Audio Gateway profileBT Audio Gateway profile version 1.5YesYesN/A
Handsfree profileBT Hands-free profile version 1.5. SCO Offload - voice data routing over I2S/PCM interface. Tone generation for Out of Band ring-tone is NOT supported by the appYes
HSP profile is supported in the HFP library
A2DP SourceVersion 1.0. The audio data source can be connected over UART, SPI or I2S. Supports SBC encoding of PCM samples received over transport before sending over BT (See Watch app.).YesYes
Audio data can be read over UART or SPI.
A2DP SinkVersion 1.0. Audio data can be configured to route over I2S, (WICED) UART or to app via callback. I2S bus can be master or slave. See Headset app.YesNoN/A
AVRCP TargetVersion 1.5 (including Absolute Volume) See watch app for use with A2DP source.
see Headset app for use with A2DP sink.
AVRCP ControllerVersion 1.3. See watch app for use with A2DP source, see Headset app for use with A2DP sink.YesYesN/A
PBAP ClientPhonebook profile client version 1.3. Supported feature - download phonebook and call log (incoming, outgoing and missed calls).YesYesN/A
OPP ServerOPP server. Receive files, vcards, etc. over OPP.YesNoN/Anew in 6.1
Serial Port ProfileVersion 1.1. Sample app shows use of the SPP profile library to establish and terminate  SPP connections, and send and receive SPP data over BT link.YesYesYes
HOGP HostHID over GATT profile, host sideYesYesNo
HOGP DeviceHID over GATT profile, device sideYesYesYes
BR/EDR HID HostHID Host version 1.1YesYesN/A
BR/EDR HID DeviceHID Device version 1.1YesYesN/A
Reference apps
WatchReference app for watch use case (includes A2DP SRC, AVRCP CT and TG, AMS, ANCS).YesYesN/A
HeadsetReference app for headset, combines A2DP sink and AVRCP Controller, AVRC Target (for absolute volume control), HF deviceYesNoNo
HID AppReference apps for BLE keyboard, mouse, remote, BT keyboard, Dual mode keyboard.NoYesYes
Low powerLow power modes are supported on all chips. The appropriate sleep mode is selected by the FW when app allows sleep.

PDS (See Watch app)

SDS/PDS (See Low Power Sensor app)

SDS/PDS (See Low Power Sensor app)PDS=Power down Sleep
SDS=ShutDown Sleep
PeripheralsApps that demonstrate use of HAL APIs to use perpherals such as PUART, ADC,GPIOs, PWM.PUART, ADC, GPIOs, PWMPUART, ADC, GPIOs, PWMADC, GPIOs

A sample display application that configures and uses a LCD display to draw bitmaps and vector graphics using the u8lib graphics library and the on-chip DBI Type C interface.

UART-SPI bridgeSample application implements SPI Master and acts as a UART-SPI Bridge.YesNoNo
Client ControlHost/MCU sample application with UI for controlling various embedded applications over WICED HCI interface and UART.YesYesYesWindows, Linux & Mac
BT Spy

Trace utility to view protocol and generic trace messages from the embedded app.

YesYesYesWindows, Linux & Mac

Manufacturing test tool to test and verify the RF performance of the BT devices in HCI mode.

YesYesYesWindows, Linux & Mac
WMBTManufacturing test tool to test and verify the RF performance of the BT devices in WICED HCI mode.YesYesYesWindows, Linux & Mac
HW TalkTest tool for automated testing of embedded application via WICED HCI and python scripts.YesYesYesWindows
BT DesignerWizard to create BLE, BT and Dual mode application.YesYesYesEclipse Plug-in under File → New (6.1)
Super MuxWizard to configure GPIO, functions and pins.N/AYesYesEclipse Plug-in under File → New (6.1)
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"HW Talk" utility sounds like a very useful tool. Where is it located under the SDK folder?

250 sign-ins 25 comments on blog 10 comments on blog

Please create a new discussion here WICED Studio Wi-Fi/Combo Forums​ as I'm not sure our apps team polices comments made against documents.