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Universal Serial Bus (USB) forums have discussions regarding Low-Full & High Speed Peripherals, Superspeed Peripherals, USB Hosts Hubs Transceivers, and USB EZ-PD Type C product solutions for PCs and consumer device topics.

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Memory Discussion Forums discussions regarding NOR Flash, SRAM, nvSRAM and F-RAM - performance and reliability with discrete memory densities ranging from 4K-bit to 2G-bit topics.

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Other Technologies

Discussion forum regarding Other Technologies including Power Management and Clocks topics.

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Gate Driver ICs
 Can't find the soldering peak reflow and also MSL documents for the 1EDN7550U gate driver on the product web page.  There is a good board assembly ap... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Is it possible to create an SDIO interface on a PSoC 63 in a WLCSP?Specifically; is it possible to either split the SDIO to multiple ports or route a ... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
Hello, We are using a PSoC5LP and just implemented our bootloader. We are going to program the bootloadable application via the i2c bus from another m... Show More
Legacy microcontrollers
Hello. [1] chapter states "The ECC error detection can be triggered on purpose to test the detection itself and the associated trap routine. ... Show More
Hi, I am using XMC4800 controller having 144 pins and 2mb size (XMC 4800 F144x-2048). Previously in my project we use 3 SPIs and now we add another SP... Show More
PSoC™ 5, 3 & 1
during build, I got the following in output tab HDL Generation...Synthesis...Tech Mapping...Error: mpr.M0022: "Net_232" is not a top level pin. Not ex... Show More
PSoC™ 6
Hello, I am trying to generate an output frequency of 6 MHz using a PSOC 6 prototyping board but every time I measure the output pin using an oscillos... Show More
PSoC™ 4
Overcurrent Protection No hardware shutdown. Software interrupts do not have the highest priority, why? The optimal solution should be a hardware sh... Show More
Hi community ,                 I am using CCg3PA in my project, is there a way to read D+ /D- line status  or voltage from we as source and DUT as sin... Show More
Hi, I followed this link to enable XMC_DEBUG/printf() function. https://community.infineon.com/t5/DAVE/DAVE-TIP-of-the-day-Semihosting-in-DAVEv4/td-p/309725?p=11700#post11700... Show More
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Microcontrollers (MCUs), PSoC, Memory, Automotive, USB, Wireless and Other Technologies.