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In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback regarding Power MOSFETs. Infineon offers a wide range of Power MOSFET families for low and high power applications with voltages ranging from -250V to 1700V. The Low an Medium voltage families feature the OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ power MOSFET families. The high voltage MOSFETs feature CoolMOS™ MOSFET technology.

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Together, we can bring energy efficiency to its next level. Use this forum to share your experience about CoolGaN™ within our Infineon community. Post your questions, comments and share your feedback on any GaN related topics here. Here you can also find the links to simulation model & board pages. You can even sign up to our free Newsletter to receive first-hand news and update.

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Power Management ICs
Hello, We are developing a 3.3kW On Board Charger for Automotive domain. Our full requirement is as follows: Application: Automotive grade ON Board C... Show More
兄弟们,我想利用数学模型计算SIC MOSFET的损耗,自己推导公式如下,计算结果与datasheet的Eon结果偏差太大,看论文中考虑了寄生电容的非线性,采用了了分阶段恒定电容模型,猜测是这个导致的偏差,我用的管子FF6MR12W2M1P_B11   Show More
Gate Driver IC's
hi,we have encountered the click noise issue when press power off key to power off the unit in standby mode (no audio played this time), the irs2092 c... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi, I have designed a custom board wherein there are two Infineon IRPS5401  and two IR38063 IC over a common PMBUS. Two infineon IRPS5401 ICs are gett... Show More
iMOTION™ - Controller, SmartDriver & SmartIPM
Hello I'm using script into IMC102T. I use a global variable which is read via serial communication. This variable is refreshed in Task1 via many line... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello Regarding IDP2303A, I have 2 questions :  1. Are the configurable parameters (datasheet, section 3.8.2 Configurable Parameters ) one time progra... Show More
Gate Driver IC's
Dear Infineon Support, I am currently designing with the BTF3035EJ chip and have purchased the Demoboard BTF3xxxEJ (PN: BTF3035EJDEMOBOARDTOBO1) to va... Show More
iMOTION™ - Controller, SmartDriver & SmartIPM
Hello, I'm using the IMC102T.   I configured to detect the AC under Voltage (180V) According the user manual, §, it is say that in case of unde... Show More
The loss of loss obtained by the MOSFET loss calculation based on the MOSFET loss is far from the IPOSIM simulation, as follows is the loss calculatio... Show More
Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)

I am planning to use the USB005A Dongle to program the IR38060M.

Does the header have a 2.54mm pitch?

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