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This forum discusses topics on MOSFET (Si/SiC).

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Infineon’s IGBTs (Discretes and Modules) are available from 600 V to 6500 V with different current ratings and in different topologies targeting almost infinite number of applications. Find support from the community for your next project using products and evaluation boards offered by Infineon.

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This forum discusses topics on HEMT (GaN)

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Smart Power Switches

The Smart Low-Side & High-Side Switches forum is designed for you to post your questions, comments and feedback about all our market’s most comprehensive portfolio of smart power switches like PROFET™, HITFET™, SPOC™, SPIDER and FLEX product families. Ask your technical questions or explore existing content!

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Gate Driver ICs

Every switch needs a driver – the right driver makes a difference. Find your perfect driver with help from our community on our more than 500 EiceDRIVER™ gate driver IC solutions suitable for any power switch, and any application.

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LED Driver ICs

Infineon provides innovative, high-performance LED Driver ICs solutions that incorporate best-in-class technologies and can be used in a wide range of LED lighting applications including Automotive and Industrial Lighting. In this forum, you can post your questions, comments, and feedback about the LED driver products and evaluation boards offered by Infineon. You can even sign up for our free Newsletter to receive first-hand news and update.

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Intelligent Power Modules (IPM)

Post your questions about Infineon Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs). Depending on the level of integration and power required there are different options of semiconductors and drivers in numerous packages for various voltage and current classes. CIPOS™ IPMs are families of highly integrated, compact power modules designed to drive motors in applications ranging from home appliances to fans, pumps, and general-purpose drives

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Class D Audio Amplifier IC

In this forum you can post your questions, comments and feedback about the Infineon Merus range of mid power and high power Class D Amplifiers that range from 10Watts to 5kW! Infineon’s Merus Audio amplifiers range from Analog Input Discrete Class D amplifiers for Home, Professional and Aftermarket Automotive amplifiers through to highly integrated digital I2S input Class D amplifiers for portable and home active speakers. Post your questions below to get feedback from our team of audio experts. For the quickest response please share parts of your schematic, layout and configuration data. Below you’ll also find links to the latest board pages, GitHub, documents and FAQs.

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Motor Control ICs

This forum discusses topics on Motor Control ICs - iMOTION™, MOTIX™, MADK etc.

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Power Management ICs

Power Management ICs: Discussion forum related to Power Management topics covering the following product groups: OPTIREGTM PMIC OPTIREGTM SBCs OPTIREGTM Linear OPTIREGTM Switcher DC-DC Converters AC-DC Power Conversion Automotive Conventional Powertrain ICs Wireless Charging ICs Isolated Industrial Interface Contactless power and sensing ICs Solid State Relay Ask your technical questions or explore existing content!

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Motor Control ICs
Hi I have IMC30A eval board and I want to use the PFC feature to provide  pfc and universal input voltage. But I cannot find any resources to calculat... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Hi, I'm looking to power and control the dimming for an AMOLED display, and was looking for help in how to connect the power and dimming of the amoled... Show More
Hello ALL,   in the software, there is a setting page about the basic working params of the system, shows below,     question, what is the meaning of... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi Team! In one of the applications, I am using TLE4476D operating both channels sourcing 100mA. While operating the IC at room temperature IC heats u... Show More
お客様はIRS2109Sから2ED2109S06Fへ置き換えを検討しています。 1.2ED2109S06Fに関して、INとSDのInternal Pull-up/Pull-downの値を教えて下さい。 2.2ED2109S06F Datasheetのp4のBlock Diagramでは、SDは+5V... Show More
Power Management ICs
I understand that to configure WWD, set the 0x06~0x0A register after trigger in LOW.Although WWD has been implemented in the system, I am inquiring be... Show More
Motor Control ICs
Hi, I am working on bringing up a custom board. We have a lot of experience with the IMC101TF048XUMA1 and have integrated this into our design. I am u... Show More
Hi, I am looking for a mosfet which would be appropriate for essentially DC switching of a 400V 7A continuous load.   Low RDS on is preferred as I hav... Show More
Gate Driver ICs
I am designing a peltier controller, I will use a MOSFET h-bridge for this.I have been reviewing many data sheets and I have a doubt, I don't know whi... Show More
LED Driver ICs
Hello, I'm writing code for communicating with a TLD7002 for a development tool, and would like to ask a few questions concerning the calculation of t... Show More