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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

Power Management ICs

Please provide the pspice model for the TLE4476D LDO regulator 

Power Management ICs
MPS pin pulls high to 5v, configured to enter normal mode, no dog feed in normal mode, generates error back to init mode, generates reset, logic analy... Show More
Power Management ICs
hello (polite) Recently, I was choosing a PMIC chip and found that both TLE7368E and TLF35584QVVS1 meet the conditions, but I encountered some questio... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello,  I have a question about a few CANbus transceivers, i am looking for a new IC to replace the TLE6251-2G with a newer IC I was looking at the TL... Show More
Power Management ICs
solved msg Solved
Hi sir this is sabari from flowtrik technologies. We are using ( ICE5GR2280AG ) this IC for AUX Section. Using the reference design (REF 5GR2280AG 22W... Show More
Power Management ICs
HI, We are using  the part part IR35204MTRPBF . But unfortunately it is not working.i ask someting. first of all, i do not have programmed this chip. ... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, I am using TLE92464ED chip to output current, I configured the parameters according to the registers but there is no current output, here is my... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, We are using Aurix TC364 Evaluation Board. We have developed CDD to use the TLF35584 Window Wacthdog functionality. The TLF35584 always stays i... Show More
Power Management ICs
Dear Experts, I'm looking for topologies for 65W adapters with power transmission (PD) capabilities. I'm currently considering two topologies: Active ... Show More
Power Management ICs
We have a custom board in which we are using PMIC consisting of IRPS5401MTRBF chip, to get knowledge about this we have ordered EVAL_PS5401-25A (EVK B... Show More
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Power Management ICs

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