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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

Power Management ICs
Hi I am wondering about the Functional Range of the Supply Voltage of the TLE9278BQX V33. This section of the datasheet claims that the device will be... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi all, The current limit of TDA38740 is valley current. Please teach me how many amperes can flow through the MOSFET built in TDA3870 at the peak. Be... Show More
Power Management ICs
Dear all,                I am working on half bridge LLC converter with ICE2HS01G driver IC. My reference voltage and currents are 56V and 20A. But wh... Show More
Power Management ICs
  I designed a 300W SMPS 12V 25A using IRS27952 with synchronous rectification TEA1995T. Everything worked fine at full load. However, when I put no l... Show More
Power Management ICs
你好:               3PCS01G 现在 输入电流波形在顶部和底部有畸变的情况,请问COMP脚如何做优化。     现在情况时这样,就是PFC母线输出是390V 2000W.  由于我们输出是35-68V的,为了效率优化,所以母线FB脚给了一个偏置的直流电压,采用MCU来灵活调母线电... Show More
Power Management ICs
HI, I posted this in the MOSFET forum but I think it might be better in this one. I am developing a 500W PFC for a medical application. The PFC using ... Show More
Power Management ICs
When the LIN transceiver (TLE7258) is used for high-speed communication (test corresponding to CISPR25), What are the effective measures to reduce low... Show More
Power Management ICs
During the process of circuit testing, we used Vin=110V and Vcc=15 V under half-load conditions for testing. However, we found that the operation of t... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi all,  we are using TLE8108 for our new project. I'm able to configure it for Input mode (for pulse input), ON mode (digital output). but when I con... Show More
Power Management ICs
我使用USB連接,會顯示FW version not supported ,並且在INIT的狀態無法進入NORMAL,請問是否有好的建議?   Show More
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Power Management ICs

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