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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

Power Management ICs
Hi I am designing 1.5kw pfc using ICE3PCS01G IC ,I need to know how to select the value of Rcs resistor for a given power level. I am aware that it is... Show More
Power Management ICs
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Dear Sir,  If we do not program the address from 0x4001 to 0x402E,  does it will effect the IC movement? Best regards, Lillian  Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi! I am not willing to use the Reset function of the TLE4267 IC. Kindly tell me where I should connect the regulator's Reset Delay (D) pin if I am no... Show More
Power Management ICs

Regarding to TLF35584, can I monitor core supply(external source) from VCI even if I short SEC pin to ground?

Power Management ICs
Hello, I am using the TLE9471 type SBC in a new application and I need to calculate the power dissipation on the DC-DC converter regulator under worst... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello community! I am currently working on a project that includes TLF35584QVHS2 and since there is not an analytic datasheet for that model, I wanted... Show More
Power Management ICs
I want to use LLC Controller ICE2HS01G. I have made a circuit with this IC which satisfices the IC requirement to generate PWM. I have connected it in... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, Dear Infineon Technical Engineer: We are currently developing functional safety software for the TLF35584. There are several questions about th... Show More
Power Management ICs

Hello IFXer,

Do you know how to calculate the the RMS current of MOSFET for CCM PFC? 

Power Management ICs
Not sure this is the correct forum, so apologies in advance if not. That said, I'm looking for the long-form datasheet for XDPE132G5H. Can someone ass... Show More
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Power Management ICs

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