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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

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Power Management ICs
Hi experts,      After the first single interrupt  or safe state related comparator on the full path and test, IF.ABIST and IF.MON bit are both set. H... Show More
Power Management ICs
いつもお世話になっております。 Gen3のCoolSETに関して、1点確認させてください。【確認事項】Gen3製品に関して、フィードバック構成は非絶縁構成でも問題ございませんでしょうか?Gen5に関しては、VERR端子があり、内蔵しているエラーアンプにつながっているため、非絶縁でも問題ない構成になっ... Show More
Power Management ICs
I am using TLF35584 and TC399XP. I'm thinking of setting the TLF35584 to Standby and setting the TC399XP to Standby as well. It has been confirmed tha... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello everyone! I have 2pcs EVAL_3K3W_TP_PFC_CC boards and after the first power-up, both of them have unstable output voltage! It should be around 40... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi, could someone share thermal resistance parameters of TLE9255WSK as below with me? Rjc (oC/W) Rjb (oC/W) Rja (oC/W) Ψjt(oCW) Ψjb(oC/W) ... Show More
Power Management ICs
solved msg Solved

Can i combine the programming port with the debug port for the Wlc1115 because i cannot use all the pins 

Power Management ICs
Hello, I am using ICE2PCS02GXUMA1 in my PFC design where input power requirement is about 750-800W. In my design, the PFC IC shuts down, once I cross ... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi, I am new to this space and I am trying to operate ICE3PCS01G PFC controller IC. This is my first Power Electronics project, and I am not able to v... Show More
Power Management ICs


Could I request for TLF4949SJ PPAP?

- msl proof of document

-Pb-Free evaluation result


Power Management ICs
In the non-isolated flyback circuit example of Gen5 ICE5xSAG and ICE5ARxxxxBZS, can Wa and Wp1 of the auxiliary winding be used as one?I think I can i... Show More
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