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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

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Power Management ICs
Hello All,Recently I purchased Show More
Power Management ICs
我们使用XDPS2201做65WPD,我们购买了IF-BOARD.DP-GEN2,也顺利下载并安装了.dp Vision GUI软件。但是软件启动启动提示: 尝试安装了多个版本的java都是这个状态。怀疑是jave版本的问题,请问下需要使用哪个版本的java环境?谢谢。 Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello together, I'm a bit confused. So I have drawn the gain-curves of the LLC converter. And they look fine on the nominal frequency scale: In the d... Show More
Power Management ICs
In the application note there is a control board How can I purchase that board? Where is the program of that MCU?  This diagram of the control part s... Show More
Power Management ICs
I'm seeking a very-low-parts-count, galvanically-isolated DC/DC converter. Something like the TLE8386-2EL, but faster, to reduce transformer size.  We... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, using irs2092s design amplifier, I want to use the audio signal to control 2092, when there is audio 2092 working, no audio 2092 sleep, plan to... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, I am designing a 325V nominal DC to 72V DC convertor using ICE1HS01G-1. But don't get any solution from the datasheet or demo board documentati... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi there,I enable the window watchdog in INIT state and it can move to NORMAL state. Then, when I make an overflow and restart the program to initiali... Show More
Power Management ICs
AN-1138 is described as follows: 1. How is condition 3 calculated, can you give an example? Is Vin an rms or peak-to-peak? 2. Is R1 related to the in... Show More
Power Management ICs

Hello Team, Could you please share sample code for configuring TLF35584 

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