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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

Power Management ICs

How about TDA38825 reference voltage over spec on full load





Power Management ICs
Do you have a DC converter IC that can be used for isolated Constant-On-Time (COT) DC-DC converters? I need 1V to 5V output.
Power Management ICs
TDA38812XUMA1 uses I2C to convert the value FB pin, is it possible to change the Vout voltage? example, I2C DAC conversion
Power Management ICs
Hi, in the IR38060 datasheet Rev.3.9(8/18/2016), PVin was changed from 21V to 16V in the spec table. I am wondering if this revision only correction i... Show More
Power Management ICs
In heavy load conditions, TDA38825 experiences an upward trend in voltage vout setting :0.8V iout 15A #TDA38825 #TDA38812 #TDA38806 Show More
Power Management ICs
Firstly, I have let the FO3/TEST pin to GND and in development mode SBC don't produce a reset because the watchdog is not fed. But When I slowly lower... Show More
Power Management ICs
When the LOOP sequence is configured correctly, Loop1 alone has no output; after LOOP2 is enabled and LOOP2 has an output, enable LOOP1, LOOP1, and LO... Show More
Power Management ICs
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Does TDA38825 support I2C and PMbus?

Power Management ICs
Hi, The XDPP1100 provides the method of forced duty cycle T1, T2 for PWM generation. The registers rampX_force_t1 and rampX_force_t2 have an LSB resol... Show More
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