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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

Power Management ICs
I am following the Infineon-Next-Generation-Solenoid-Driver-Evaluation-Kit-getting-started PDF. I currently have a TLE92464ED evaluation soldered up t... Show More
Power Management ICs
Interface Tool for Alternator Control ICs driver installation failed on win10 system Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello Experts, We are working with the PMIC TLF35585 IC with TC36xx microcontroller, we are performing few electrical diagnostics test related to SS1,... Show More
Power Management ICs
Ihave a question about TLF35584 what are the exactly values: the upper limit VRT,xxx,high and the lower limit VRT,xxx,low.
Power Management ICs
Hi, 1. We are using 4 IC's of TLE7230R and Single IC is working as expected with the load of 0.5A to each channel(Total load to IC=4A). 2. when using ... Show More
Power Management ICs
After burning the firmware in IRPS5401, does it have to be powered off and restarted to take effect? Two methods, one is dongle burning, the other is ... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, I'm using in a project two 2EDB8259F to drive a H-bridge . They are supplied with 5V on input logic side and 12V on output side, the UVLO is 8... Show More
Power Management ICs
Does "TLE9563" support both classic CAN and CAN FD?
Power Management ICs
下记两个产品 有什么不同,涉及PCN吗? Type Ordering Code OPN TLE4278G SP000305157 TLE4278GXUMA1 TLE4278G SP001435156 TLE4278GXUMA3
Power Management ICs
Hello Team , We were trying to simulate TLS820F0EL V50 PSpice model in LT Spice XVII but its .lib file is encrypted because of that we were not able t... Show More
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Power Management ICs

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