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Power Management ICs Forum Discussions

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Power Management ICs
In the EVAL_800W_PFC_P7 reference design, the MOS and current detection resistors of the PFC part are connected to other nodes through NT, and the nam... Show More
Power Management ICs

目前用TLE9263_EVB_2开发板和TC377开发板 想通过SBC实现指定帧唤醒,但是目前只实现了指定帧id唤醒,特定报文(SWK_DATA_x_CTRL)在写进寄存器后 依然是指定帧、任意报文内容唤醒(RO拉高,INT无变化),也没有报syserr,想知道问题出在哪里

Power Management ICs
I want to use VCC2 for VCAN, so I want to turn VCC2 ON, and since VCP is not used, I want to turn it OFF. In such a case, should I just make the setti... Show More
Power Management ICs
Absolute maximum ratings VCC supply voltage(Max.) of ICE5GSAG is 27V, please tell me what is the actual measured value? Fixed Frequency PWM Controller - in DSO-8 Package ( Show More
Power Management ICs
I'm trying to write PXM1310C with the PowerCode program, but I don't know how to use it.(Use PX-DNGL-01 dongle)Please me how to write or manual. Show More
Power Management ICs

Hi Team, do you have a SIMPLIS model for ICE2HS01G

Power Management ICs
I am writing to inquire about the Voltage Regulator 1 (VCC1) of the TLE9263BQV33, specifically in relation to the Body Control Modules (BMC) board.   ... Show More
Power Management ICs

I believe I saw an Infineon application note on this topic but I can't find it. Does it exist? 


Power Management ICs
Hi, It would be very helpful if I get the efficiency of TDA 21472 power stage for the following configuration: 1. Input voltage: 12V; Output voltage 0... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi I am using ICE5QR2280BGXUMA1 IC for flyback converter. But its MOSFET is not switching. The following voltage are observed across the pins. Vin DC ... Show More
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Power Management ICs

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