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Power Management ICs
Hey, Good Day!   Can PCB Cu traces be used as a current sense resistor in XDPP 1100 controller? If yes, then how to calculate trace resistance and wha... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi Team! In one of the applications, I am using TLE4476D operating both channels sourcing 100mA. While operating the IC at room temperature IC heats u... Show More
Power Management ICs
I understand that to configure WWD, set the 0x06~0x0A register after trigger in LOW.Although WWD has been implemented in the system, I am inquiring be... Show More
Power Management ICs
"TOUT temperature output pins of multiple power stages are OR-tied together so that the power stage with the hottest temperature (highest TOUT voltage... Show More
Power Management ICs

您好!请问如何获取PowerClient 的licence。谢谢!

Power Management ICs

hi, Infineon,

    could you advise the latest USB005 FW? and provide the latest FW also, thank you.

Power Management ICs
Hi everyone,       Could you please list some possible risk when we use a 4.7uF capacitor?Such as when and what kind of problem will it happen?If prob... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello all!   Is there any spreadsheet for any of the IDP230x? In the design guide (DG_201702_PL21_007), in Fig. 11 there is a screenshot of something ... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hello, I am having some quries related to "ERR" flag used in SPI Communication in SBC TLE9471ES. As per manual this flag is set when  1. number of  re... Show More
Power Management ICs
I am powering an Intel Arria 10 FPGA and am using your power demo board design as a starting place: https://www.infineon.com/cms/en/product/promopages/Altera/... Show More
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Power Management ICs

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