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I am developing a solenoid controller board using the TLE92464ED and am having problems getting the chip to stay in mission mode. I have configured the chip as follows:

  • Disabled Clock WD, SPI WD, supply tests. Enable 3.3V IO and CRC checking in GLOBAL_CONFIG.
  • Cleared any errors present from reset in GLOBAL_DIAG0/1/2 reg.
  • Configured the channel with solenoid attached to use ICC in MODE register and changed the slew rate to 1v/uS in the CH_Config register.

After setting up as described above I check the FB_STAT register and see only OLSG_WARNx_CHK_NOK warnings on all channels which I believe is expected since the channel has not been enabled yet. Next I set the chip to be in mission mode and then enable ch0 (solenoid attached). The chip successfully transitions to mission mode and shows the channel is enabled and will stay in this configuration enabled in mission mode. If I now change the value in the SETPOINT register to a non-zero value I can see a short voltage pulse and then the chip immediately goes back into setup mode and ch0 is disabled.

Am I missing something in the configuration that is causing this behavior? I hope someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

I have checked the hardware side and can measure the resistance of the coil across the input leads.


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Sorry for the trouble.

Are you using the Infineon Eval board and GUI?


Vishnu N


Hi Vishnu

I am not using the dev board I am using a custom PCB with dual drivers. I managed to get the drivers to output the desired current using a non-intuitive method.

I have observed that whenever an enabled channel's setpoint is changed and the driver is in mission mode the channel disables itself and transitions to setup mode. To counteract this I enable the channel again directly after the setpoint is updated and this seems to work fine on all channels.

I have no idea if this is the expected operation for this driver since I could not find anything describing this behaviour in the datasheet. Maybe someone else can tell me if this is expected so I can be confident that my approach is correct.