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Recently, I bought a lot of mosfet IRF1404 from a seller who said to have imported from US such mosfets.
When I performed bench tests on them, I realized they were original, but they had some anomalies, such as current leakage and low current tolerance, being limited to 15 or 20 amps, prior to their burning.
When I dismantled the mosfets, I noticed that their internal silicon chip was shifted to the left in an erratic way, which I believe was produced by Infineon, but failed in quality control and this somehow ended up in the market and caused me problems.
I request that the company carry out investigations, so that this does not become an usual practice and does not denigrate the name of the company, which in my view, produces great products. Below I show in the photograph of which I am referring.
The one on the left is the mosfet with problems and the one on the right is the normal mosfet.
The lot that presented defect, refers to the second photo.

Henrique Duarte
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Dear Henrique Duarte,

Thank you for your feedback.

An increasing number of counterfeit products are appearing on the semiconductor marketplace. Many of these have markings and labels that resemble those of Infineon, leading customers to believe they are genuine Infineon products.

We highly recommend to refer to our information page Counterfeit products:

InfineonForums Admin
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Okay and how to know if the product is original? How to compare if there is not in the infineon page, comparative data for such? I recently purchased a lot from an authorized infineon supplier and the same problem came up, infineon could give us better feedback on the products it markets.
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The problem that I have had is that of the video, it is self explanatory and as you can see, the mosfet presents a strange leak, which when mounting the mosfet on a voltage inverter board, there is a current leakage to the oscillator plate and burning of this plate.
I have bent over the board to see if the problem is not in the circuit, but it is certain that it is not because in other boards I have set up, in which there was the placement of different mosfets, but of the same model, the board works quietly.