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does anyone know if it's possible to use multiple verilog files for a component? Currently it seems that the Warp synthesis tool include search path couldn't be modified.


The search path seems to be fixed to the projects 'codegentemp' directory and a common directory inside the Warp tool folder.


Copying the additional files to the codegentemp folder is useless, because the directly will be cleared on each build. Using the common directory would be bad style IMO.


The `include directive isn't described well, there's only a statement that both fixed and relative paths are supported. Fixed paths are useless, because if the additional files are part of the components version (which I'd consider good style), the path has to be modified for each new version of a component.


For relative paths, there's no description if there're any special strings giving the current location of the file or something like the PSoC Creators special string '${ProjectDir}', etc.





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