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I'm trying to install PSoC Creator for a class project however I've had quite a number of problems trying to get it installed. When I first tried the install, I kept getting this error saying that "Update Manager Could Not Be Located..". I first installed it at a Cypress product presentation at my school, however when I tried to compile that it told me that "cylib.dll" was missing. So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program from the website, but then I was unable to register the program, and kept getting the error that "PSoC programmer could not be found", even though it was installed on my computer. Finally, I uninstalled and tried reinstalling again using the Akamai installer, but now the program won't install at all. Every time I try to install, it starts fine but always errors out in the middle of the installation, saying that "A newer version of this program is already installed", even though there isn't any version, newer or otherwise, installed on my computer.

Please let me know if there is any way to get the program installed. I am running Windows 10.

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Did you have PSoC Creator 4.2 installed on that PC before you uninstalled the PSoC Programmer? PSoC Creator 4.2 installs a newer version of PSoC Programmer than the one preset on the PSoC Programmer webpage at the moment.

If that was the case, since your uninstallation of PSoC Programmer is not clean (not sure what went wrong there), now you are seeing 'A newer version of program is already installed' error when you are trying to install slightly older version downloaded from web.

Please try reinstalling the PSoC Creator 4.2 on that PC. That should take care of PSoC Programmer installation as well. Make sure to remove all traces of PSoC Programmer from Programs and Feature and Program Files (x86) before you attempt reinstall the PSoC Creator 4.2.

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