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 I would like to do some data logging with USB, so to get started on my first USB project I am trying the USB_UART example, unmodified, with a CYC8KIT-050LP and an up-to-date PSoC Creator 2.2 SP1.  Everything seems to work fine, except that no USB_UART.inf file is created (or any other *.inf file).  So when I plug in the programmed board, Windows 7 cannot find a driver and I am stuck.  The instructions seem to indicate that the USB_UART.inf file is automatically produced.  Am I missing something?  Any suggestions?

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        Hi antigrav, By my experience, USB_cdc.inf file was generated in Generated_Source folder, even if HID device. Your Windows didn't recognize the device might be another problem? My conf. [vista32, C2.2sp1]   
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 Hi Antigrav,




The inf file can be located at the folder: 




where x is where the project is situated and this is assuming the name of your project is USB_UART01.




You can also locate the file in the Source tab of Workspace Explorer->Project USB_UART01->Generated Source->PSoC5->USBUART_1. The file name is USBUART_1_cdc.inf.




The file does get generated always. But for the OS will not automatically attach the device to the driver as given in the inf file.




After you connect the device for the first time, a found new hardware window appears. If 


1. it does not, right click on the device in the device manager and select Update Driver Software...


2. Window appears: How do you want to search for driver software? 


Click on Browse my computer for driver software.


3. Window appears: Browse for driver software on your computer.


Browse to the location where the inf file is located. i.e. the Generated Source->PSoC5 folder.


and click Next.


4. Wait or disconnect and connect the device. It will be recognized as USB-COM port device.




I hope this helps.