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PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi all, recently I have updated my PSoC Creator to version 4 and I'm unable to edit or change any codes in some previous projects I made. The text cur... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Wasn't sure exactly where to put this since there isn't really a "dev tools" forum category and this seems like the closest thing. I'm trying to famil... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Just bought a PSoc MiniProg3 to debug a special board. I cannot install the software from www.cypress.com/psocprogrammer. The download I get is for an... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hello, I have been using PSoC Creator for many years. But a few days ago, when I launched PSoC Creator and tried to open the design resources (i.e. th... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi, I am using MiniProg4 as USB-I2C bridge. I am using COM interface with Python. I2C initialization and port opening go well until I want to use the ... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi, I'm new to the PSoC and PSoC Creator, so is there a way to include the whole source folder recursively in the project? Like if I put all the suppo... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi, I am following the guide for the DFU applications for PSOC6.  My understanding for this processor (PSOC 61xx) is that it does have 2 cores, but th... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Folks,I've inherited a PSOC5 project running on PSOC Creator 4.4 - from prior contractors etc.  Changes need to be made, things re-org'd, etc.While th... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hi Community,  I'm currently working with CapSense Touch Switch Application. I'm using CY8C4245AXI-483, CY8C4245LTI-M445 MCUs. I want to use an API wi... Show More