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in an older version of Creator 3.1 (I'm not sure which), the  BLE Battery Level  example project (for PSoC 4 BLE)  used a watchdog timer for periodic wakeup from deeplseep. In it's BLE.c autogen code it had a function 


which was used to setup the watchdog ISR.


In the comment for this function  was this note:




 This function registers the callback function for the WDT interrupt event.




 <b>Note</b> This API will not be available in the final release of PSoC


 Creator 3.1. Refer to the component datasheet errata section about WDT.






I use this example project for a project of my own, using this watchdog timer and api.


Now, the updated version of 3.1 seems to have gotten rid of this api, and my code is broken.


Can someone please point out the documentation or api's to be used in the new version of Creator 3.1 (for PSoC 4 BLE chips)  to use the watchdog timer and wdt interupts?


Thank you very muchly.



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This change has been reflected in the BLE component data sheet (look at the end of it for changes between versions). The BLE component now utilizes the BLESS link layer timer internally.


To use the WDT on PSoC4, you need to place a "Global Signal" component and set it to provide the WDT interrupt signal (and then connect an ISR component to it). To configure it, use the CySysWdt* function - these are explained in the System Reference Guide.

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 Thank you.