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 I have a custom board with PSoC5 using USBUART.  In the past, I got this board version working and enumerating just fine.  Today, I pulled out a second board made at the same time as the first one.  I programmed the PSoC5.  I inserted the USB plug into my PC, and things aren't behaving.




Specifically, in Device Manager I see the board identified as "Unknown Device".  I tried to update the driver, providing my ...Generated_Source\PSoC5 folder name.  Windows told me the driver was up-to-date.  Nevertheless, it's not installed properly.  The driver is from Microsoft, date 6/21/2006, version 6.1.7601.18328.




Meanwhile, I still have the original board that works.  I plug its USB cable into my PC and it comes up just fine as COM9 in the Device Manager.  It says it's using a driver from Cypress, date 3/5/2007, version




What step did I forget?  How do I force windows to use the Cypress driver?  




I'm using Win7 SP1, 64-bit, 32GB ram, Intel I7-2600 3.4GHz

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This is not a problem with the project or the drivers . This must be an issue with the board . 


One way to verify that is to swap the chip in the original working board with the chip in the non working board and connect both to PC . If the original board enumerates fine which mean the chip is fine and the project is fine and it is  an issue with the new board that you have designed .


If the working board fails to enumerate with the newly swapped chip and the other board is working fine it mean an issue in the project or in the chip.



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Not sure if you could use Zadig.exe to force driver update.




 Or drivers in Cypress USB SDK disk.                   http://www.cypress.com/?rID=57990




Regards, Dana.