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I need to code a CY8CKIT-059 PSoC kit to emulate a single USB port and have two USB devices, one with mono audio device and the second with a standard USART port including the RTS signal.

I have 8 years experience with PS0C Creator but none involving USB interfaces.

Please point me to the resources I need to brush up on to accomplish the task.

In the mean time I will be going through the example code.

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Hi JiAs_1343366​,

As per your requirement, I understand you want to implement a single USB port with the functionality of two different classes, which is audio class and Communication device class (CDC) here. We presently do not have such a code example, that implements the audio and CDC classes together using USBFS component in PSoC Creator.

However, We have two different code examples as follows-

USB Audio Class device code example - USB Audio with PSoC 3/5LP - Cypress Semiconductor​ . This code example implements a USB Audio device that connects to the PC via the USB interface. The device appears in the system as a mono speaker with a 8-bit resolution and a sample rate of 32 kHz.

USB CDC Class code example- CE95396 - USB UART with PSoC 3/5LP ( ​ . This code example demonstrates the operation of the USBFS  component as a RS-232 logical cable replacement.

You can go through the above code examples in order to get help for code implementation. Also, I have shared my project  for your convenience where, I have tried to implement USBFS composite class with two different classes that is, Audio and CDC class using interface association descriptor. The USB device enumerates as a composite class after programming. I have used CY8CKIT-059 and PSoC Creator 4.4 ( PSoC(R) Creator(TM) 4.4 Release Notes ( ) to run the project.

You can go through the KBA here for more information on implementing composite class using IAD- Implementing USB Composite Device with PSoC 3, ... | Cypress Developer Community.  Please let us know in case of further queries.

Best Regards,